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Supplementary programme China-Competence (SinoZert)

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Structure SinoZert

General Information

The supplementary programme China-Competence (SinoZert) comprises 38 ECTS points. After successfully passing all modules, you will receive a graded certificate.

Please note that some of the courses are only being offered in German.

Module 1: Chinese Language (20 ECTS points)

To obtain the SinoZert certificate, students must complete either a Chinese language course at the UniCERT 1 level (e.g. the consolidation course B1 at the Language Centre of the University of Bayreuth) or other proven language skills at the B1.1 level according to ERR, e.g. the HSK3.

Module 2: Social Studies (8 ECTS points)

This module seeks to provide an understanding of the history, politics, society, economy, and culture of China and consists of:

  • Social Studies I (LK1) (4 ECTS points / only in German)
  • Social Studies II (LK2) (4 ECTS points / only in German)

Both courses are offered exclusively online via the Virtual University of Bavaria (vhb).

The first course (LK1) offers an introduction to the broad topic of social studies focusing on China, in which basic knowledge is built up. The second course (LK2) explores deeper issues, individual case analyses, and more advanced topics. In both courses, graded essays must be completed and submitted on time for successful completion.

Module 3: Intercultural Practice and Reflection (10 ECTS points)

The module consists of two assessment components

  • Participation in the training seminar on Intercultural Communication Germany <-> China, offered by BayCHINA at different times and places in Bavaria, as well as online. (2 ECTS points / only in German)
  • A minimum of two months of non-tourism residency experience in China followed by a reflection report. The two months do not have to be completed all at once: a combination of several stays is possible, whereby each of them should last at least four weeks. Credit points can be awarded for semesters abroad, summer university, or internships. (8 ECTS points)

Examinations / Certification

There are various module examination formats, but no final examinations.

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